Photo courtesy of Eddie Morris

My Name is Mike. I live in Savannah,Tennessee. I bought my first camera in 2008. It was a small cheap point and shot. Some of my earlier shots from that camera are posted in my early blog posts. My current equipment can be viewed here (My Gear). I do have a real job in which I work 12 hr. rotating shifts. I hunted and fished for many years before giving it up for golf. I had to give up golf so I could spend more my time photographing. The one thing that has stayed consistent in my life has been my love of music. I love to play guitar and I use the word play very loosely. I have several guitars, my latest being a 2015 Les Paul. I play music like I take photographs, which is not so good. I also have a family which includes two wonderful granddaughters. I drive a jeep so I can get to the out of the way places I sometimes shoot. I have never sold a picture and have no plans to sell any, but I have gave a few away and I have had a few stole. So know you know everything. If you plan to visit Shiloh National Park, stop by and visit with me. I can be found there most days during eagle season (typically March-July) and on the days its not raining or the days I am not working. Thanks for visiting my site.

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