Yet once again, I have overwhelmingly been corrected. Both with photographic evidence and a unanimous decision from everybody with a camera, that in fact, Julia is gone (for now) and the other bird (spot) is new heir to the throne. I have yet to fully understand what is actually going on but I have some thoughts which I will not state until I have something more to go on.

This morning, Hiram (at least I think it was him) magically appeared in the nest tree. I think he flew in unnoticed from the backside. Then went to the end of Cloud Field and retrieved a stick. After careful placement, it was off to the river. Another stick was brought in the afternoon.  After sunset both birds flew in. Spot bird was first and landed in Pine. Hiram came shortly after, bringing grass and twigs. He then flew over to spot and mated. Shortly after, he was off to the river.