I photograph on the cheap. I have tried every cheap photography trick in the book. Some work and others fail terribly. A lot of good images come from people with good cameras. Good camera equipment comes with a huge price tag. My goal from the very start has been to get the best picture possible without mortgaging my house. In reality all pictures come with a price tag. The more you spend, the better the pic. All together my gear comes to a little under $2200 which is very cheap compared to other photographers. I shoot with a Canon t2i which by today’s standard is old school and can be purchased today for around 2-3 hundred. I run magic lantern software in the camera, Google it if your not familiar with it. It is one trick that works. I recently acquired a battery grip for it. My biggest expense is my lens, a canon 100-400 which was about $1500 at the time. If you have to pick between a good camera and a good lens, take the lens. I have  3 tripods which I very seldom use, 99% of all my shots are handheld. I have a 1.4 tamron teleconverter which I got on ebay for $50. To use it on a 100-400 lens, you must use scotch tape to cover pins, another trick that works. I have a canon camera bag that is packed full with useless junk and various cheap lens. I have a black rapid strap which I couldn’t live without. I think they are about $50 bucks, but well worth it. My images are processed with Photoshop 6 and Mystical Tone Tint and Color, which is another thing I couldn’t live without. My next piece of gear that I am going to get is a pair of snake boots, seems like the best places to shoot are the ones where snakes live.