Just For Fun

I posted some owls mating a couple week ago. I went back and low and behold there was a baby owlet. This leads me to believe that they either mated, laid eggs, incubated, hatched and fledged babies in 2 weeks Or they were just having recreational mating ( Just for the fun of it).


I Speak Owl

I have a lot to learn about owls. I don’t know everything about eagle, but way more than owls. Tonight I spotted the owl in the top of its favorite pine tree. I walked right to the tree and it just looked at me. I decided to make some hooting sounds so maybe it might fly or do something. As I was hooting at it, sounding nothing like an owl. Another owl answered me. It was in a tree over by the cannons ny the dead snag. The more I hooted, the more it hooted back. I even used the Gomer Pyle call, hootie-who, hootie-hoo, and even that worked. Well the owl in the pine didn’t like me talking to its mate. So it flew right to it. I went down to the tree they were both at. The pine tree owl flew back into the woods. The other just sat there and posed until darkness fell. It was still there when I left.

The first 6 pics are from last Thursday, I posted them on Facebook but didn’t have a blog that day so I threw them in too.

I think I am going to take a break from owls til this fall.


No Risk No Reward

I risked live and limb for these shots. I had to enter the snake infested woods to get these. When it flew, I high jumped all the way back to safety.