Normal Turned Ugly (Morning River)

(continued from Previous Post) I got to the river pull-off and got out. The river was glass (smooth). I noticed a towboat coming upstream. I figured, I am just standing here, I am gonna shoot a boat. I was checking camera settings the waters were churning up from the loud boat. I just happen to look and there in the boats tail water was an eagle on the hut. It flew from my side of river to the other side and then turned (first two shots) and flew back to me and missed a fish. I continued to shoot it going down the river and I saw it land. I was feeling hyped up thinking it was going to happen and in an instant it came to a halt. I was bummed, but thought I would drive to Pittsburgh Landing and shoot. Not knowing to me, there was another eagle in the pics. I got to PBL and shot the eagle that landed there, for about 30mins. or more and  I still didn’t see the one in the water. The one in the tree flew back up the river. I was bummed again. Then I looked over and spotted the one in the water (duh). Then it flew to the other one. I went back to the river-pull-off. I watched the two for over an hour. I was bored and here came a sail boat. I was just standing there anyway. I am gonna shoot the boat. When I got through, looked back at the tree, both eagles were gone. I didn’t have a clue what happened or where they went. I know where I went.

I guess its one of them things where you would have to be there.


Normal Turned Ugly (Morning Nest)

I worked last night and today is my first day of fall vacation. I decided to stop by on my home and get some practice shots in case I get to go anywhere this week. It started out normal. An eagle was in nest. A few minutes it flew and got a stick. A few minutes later went and got another. I thought yea, this is going good. It flew out again, but it didn’t come back. I decided I would try my luck at the river. That is when it starts to get ugly.

These were this mornings nest area shots.

The river area shots are coming.

Owl Prowl Day

Today I wasn’t feeling to well, so I decided to get some outdoor therapy to help me get through. Boy, am I rusty. I had lots of photo ops this morning, but the results were less than stellar. I guess it happens when you don’t shoot a lot. I probably should have wiped the dust off the lens. Most of the shots today were shot out the right side window, which that’s a problem to start with.

There are two different coyotes pictured below. Neither one of them were scared of me. The first few eagle shots were at the canon tree and the last three were took at the river. While at the river, I took a pic of the boat (last pic). I don’t know what disturbed me most, the dog driving the boat or the person looking out the window.

Tonight at the park is the owl program at the visitor center. I have never had a chance to go to any of these, so it might be my night. At least, if I go, I am quarantined an owl shot. Plus, I just might learn something to help me figure out the nocturnal varmints. I will pass along anything useful I learn. It starts @ 7, everyone is welcome.

UPDATE I went to the owl program presented by the park tonight. It was very informative and interesting. A great job by all. What did I learn? Owls are stupid. Their skull is full from their big eyes  –  no room left for a brain. LOL, Now you know.

The first pic is an eastern screech owl who was rescued after getting hung in a fence.