Owl Prowl Day

Today I wasn’t feeling to well, so I decided to get some outdoor therapy to help me get through. Boy, am I rusty. I had lots of photo ops this morning, but the results were less than stellar. I guess it happens when you don’t shoot a lot. I probably should have wiped the dust off the lens. Most of the shots today were shot out the right side window, which that’s a problem to start with.

There are two different coyotes pictured below. Neither one of them were scared of me. The first few eagle shots were at the canon tree and the last three were took at the river. While at the river, I took a pic of the boat (last pic). I don’t know what disturbed me most, the dog driving the boat or the person looking out the window.

Tonight at the park is the owl program at the visitor center. I have never had a chance to go to any of these, so it might be my night. At least, if I go, I am quarantined an owl shot. Plus, I just might learn something to help me figure out the nocturnal varmints. I will pass along anything useful I learn. It starts @ 7, everyone is welcome.

UPDATE I went to the owl program presented by the park tonight. It was very informative and interesting. A great job by all. What did I learn? Owls are stupid. Their skull is full from their big eyes  –  no room left for a brain. LOL, Now you know.

The first pic is an eastern screech owl who was rescued after getting hung in a fence.



I have not seen any sign of the eagles, adults or the baby, in the last couple of days. I think it is a little early for them to go to the river. I believe the baby has got off course a little and the adults are close by, wherever that may be. The birds could show back up anytime or they may stay gone until the little one learns to catch his own food. Who knows?  I am in for a long work weekend and then off for a week for some much needed R&R.



It’s been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve took any shots, so I got out this morning for a little while. Hiram was in his usual tree. I didn’t find what I was looking for which was baby deers, maybe next time.