Mountains 2016 Day 2 (Bears)

I am 50+ years old. I have only been to the smokies 3 times. My first time was in my late 40’s. I have been lucky enough to have seen bears on all my visits. I really don’t understand the people who go and have never saw one. Just got to look.

Maybe my best bear pics ever.

Mountains 2016 Day 2 (Landscapes)

I didn’t take many because I didn’t want to change lens. Most were shot with iphone.


Mountains 2016 Day 2 (Deer, Turkey and ???)

I was the third car in line when they opened the cove this morning at 6:55. I made 2 loops, took 1200 shots and was out of cove by 9:30.

After looking at my pics, I believe the mystery nest pictured below is that of a Great Horned owl. If I go back I will definitely check it out.