March 29 2010

Babies have arrived !! At least one anyway.
It appears, based on several reports there is at least one hatched eagle. Sometime Sunday around
noon, Julia started acting unusual, making several flights around the nest, Hiram came in and perched
high above the nest. There was a lot of activity, not any that was typical of previous days.
This morning at 9:00, Julia flew in with a turtle. As I was watching the events, Park Ranger Stacey
arrived, and confirmed my belief that Hiram and Julia were feeding their new young one.
Hiram, then went to Julia’s tree and stayed about a hour, then back to sit high above the nest. After
about a hour, he left headed to the river. Hiram returned at 12:50 and stayed high above the nest
before changing at a little after 1:00. I went back to the nest at 4:30 and was told they had swapped
out at 2:30. At 6:00 one flew in with what seems to be some kind of fish or duck, (the 2 shots below from
from right to left look like different kinds of prey, but only 3 shots later).I think Juilia brought it in
Hiram went to the cannon tree and then river.
(click image for full size)

March 24 2010

My first blog on the new site. I got to the nest at 7:30, followed shortly by George and Jay
while in deep discussion, Julia decided to sneak in on us at 8:13. Hiram then flew to the canon tree.
After a short stay, he headed to the river at about 8:30. I left until 3:00, when I returned Don and
Jay where holding down the fort. Don was gracious enough to let me use his ef 100-400 lens (thanks).
At 4:15 Hiram made a circle and I got to try the lens. No other action until 7:07, but it was to dark
for me to get any shots. (click image for full size)