April 4 2010

Happy Easter!! I saw deer, turkeys and eagles today, but no Easter Bunny. This is what I know about
today. Julia flew in at 7:50, I was shooting a turkey at the north side of the field and missed her. Hiram left at
7:55. I was then joined by more paparazzi. With four of us watching, he flew in undetected, we think with
a small turtle, then left again at 8:43. Hiram returned at 10:03 with a turtle (pic 1). Hiram flew out again
and I left, rumor has it, he came in with a fish and left again. I came back and Julia put on an aerial display,
with flying maneuvers not ever seen by myself. While I watched in amazement, Hiram returned with a
bird (pic 2, and I was lucky to get it, Don has a good one). That’s all I know. Pic 3&4 was a bonus for me.
(click image for full size)

April 3 2010

Confirmation A park official with a spotting scope has confirmed the top of  a head from one of the
newly hatched eagles.
I am way behind, but a quick update from today. Julia brought in some straw early (8:40). Hiram left
and came in at 9:30 with turtle (pic 1). He left very quickly and returned at 11 with another turtle
pics 2 and 3. He left very quickly and returned at  12:30 with yet another turtle (pic4). It did come
in at 3:30 but I was not there and don’t know if it brought anything.
(click image for full size)

Also, yesterday and today, I met a great photographer as well as a great guy, Sean Maloy,
who was visiting the park. He is currently serving our great country in the U.S. Army. He
specializes in Historical Monuments, has done work with the history channel, and has his work on
display in the visitor centers in Gettysburg and Vicksburg. Please check out his website by clicking
here or click the Links tabs.

April 1 2010

I was in and out a couple times today at the nest. I got to try my new glass piece. The first time in this
morning at 9:30, a fish was brought in. This afternoon at 2:48, some grass was flown in.
(click image for full size)