Just For Fun

I posted some owls mating a couple week ago. I went back and low and behold there was a baby owlet. This leads me to believe that they either mated, laid eggs, incubated, hatched and fledged babies in 2 weeks Or they were just having recreational mating ( Just for the fun of it).


Its Been a Long Time

I quit taking pics for almost a year. I’ve been doing a lot better this year at shooting. Every once in a while you will gets shots you never dreamed of getting. These pics were the results of a rare chain of events and I just had to post them here (after forgetting how to login and got locked out for a week). You just don’t see this every day.

Mountains 2016 Day 3

I went back to the cove this morning just to check on the nest from yesterday. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. Needless to say, I couldn’t find it. LOL, I had to stick to the normal routine; bears,turkeys, and deer.